Not to lose formwork used for lateral containment of concrete produced for years.
The formwork has an excellent strength and resistance that make it very reliable over time, due to its construction it is able to create a particular profile of the concrete appreciated in different sectors.


The DOVETAIL STEEL FORMWORK is composed of a bent sheet, with a profile that reminds a dovetail, 4mm thick in S235 on which reinforcements and L profiles are welded for greater strength and rigidity.
On the sheet there are round holes inside which it is possible to insert pegs that block the formwork during casting.
The formworks can easily be joined together using special wedges and plugs that we normally supply and which are easy to assemble / disassemble.


Used for the lateral containment of the concrete, in case you do not want to leave disposable elements inside the casting.
It is used in the production of special flooring such as landing strips for airplanes and / or floors that are in any case heavily stressed.
Their robustness guarantees various uses over time while maintaining their characteristics of resistance and reliability.



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The DOVETAIL STEEL FORMWORK was born years ago upon specific request of a customer.
A formwork that over the years has proven to be reliable, versatile and reusable and distributed in different areas of the planet.
It was born for the particular needs and if we want to be a niche in the flooring sector.