Only unidirectional joint between the most produced with 3mm thick support plates and round bars sheathed in the plastic tube.
The joint has a good weight / strength ratio, above all because the round bars are not welded and therefore they are positioned manually during the laying phase.
The joint is a unidirectional, so the concrete plates can only move along the axis of the round bars.


The joint is composed of two suitably folded sheets 3 mm thick in S235, the air chamber joint strip is interposed inside the upper folds to prevent dirt from entering during the casting phase.
The round sharing bars are in S275 steel and have a variable diameter of 15 or 20mm depending on the total height of the joint.
The concrete plates are free to move only along the axial direction of the sharing bars, while remaining constrained in the other directions.


Used for the construction of classic floors where there are no particular heavy loads.
Recommended for simplicity of installation and its weight / sturdiness ratio, not recommended however because it allows the movement of the concrete plates only along the axial direction of the sharing bars.



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The joint type M was born in the first years of production of joints for industrial floors.
A joint that over the decades has proven to be reliable, versatile and accessible, which has now become part of our production history.
It was born for the need of a simple and more economical solution in the field of industrial flooring.