Who we are

The company Tieppo Luisello was born in 1980 and is immediately distinguished by its focus on technological research and customer loyalty. Characteristics consolidated in 1996, the year in which Mr. Luisello Tieppo knows Mr. Luigi Barichello, the then holder of the Barikell brand. From this meeting, the production of industrial floor machines and their accessories comes out fortified and expanded to declare the company Tieppo Luisello as one of the leader in the industry.

Other important dates for the company are 1999, when Tieppo Luisello makes the System Joint Profiles (available in any measure) that in a very short time becomes one of the most used and copied expansion joints of the industry and in 2002 , the year of inauguration of the new headquarters. The search for new technologies, the very stocky warehouse make Tieppo Luisello the company able to meet the most demanding requirements.

Tieppo is an authorized reseller of many brands : Ruggerini, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Honda, Acme, Lombardini. In addition, for the internal carpentry manufactures Tieppo Luisello is able to satisfy the demands of a large number of customers.

Technological research, customer attention, wide selection of distributed brands, production on demand, cordiality and expertise make Tieppo Luisello a safe answer for those looking for a highly qualified partner in the  construction and design of machines for industrial floors.