An improvement derived from our type B joint with 3mm thick support plates and the incomparable reliability of the round bars sheathed in the oval tube.
The joint has a good weight / strength ratio and guarantees better protection of the edges of the jet plates.


The joint is composed of two suitably folded sheets 3 mm thick in S235, the upper folds are inclined at an angle of 90 ° with respect to the vertical to cover the most critical point of the flooring where normally the concrete is more easily damaged.
The round sharing bars are in S275 steel and have a variable diameter of 15 or 20mm depending on the total height of the joint.
These bars are free to move horizontally inside the oval tube, while remaining constrained in the vertical direction.


Used for the construction of classic floors where there are no particular heavy loads but large passage of trolleys or not too heavy means.
Recommended for the unparalleled functionality of the sheathed round bars, for the simplicity of installation and for its weight / strength ratio.



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The joint type FP was born in the first years of production of joints for industrial floors following a specific modification requested by a customer.
A joint that over the years has proven to be highly reliable, versatile and accessible, which has now become part of our production history.
It was born for the need of a simple and reliable solution in the field of industrial flooring.
This technology confirmed and reinforced over the years has led us to the definition of a very high product and standard.