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Antishock joint prototype

 Antishock Joint

We are working on the development of a new joint, with rubber elements inside, which should relieve the most delicate parts of the flooring from those stresses and shocks due to the constant passage of vehicles and people. Its robust construction is an indication of reliability and constant study of the problems that appear in the concrete flooring sector.
Once again we provide our know-how and our production technologies with the aim of improving our products and why not, creating new ones.


The joint is made up of two C-shaped elements that slide one inside the other and between them is fixed the rubber profile which has the purpose of attenuating vibrations and impacts during the traction and compression phases.
On the external side plates are fixed, which will protect the upper edge of the pavement and ensure its flatness with the upper part of the joint, where the welded pegs are welded and act as a hold on the concrete and allow a firm union between the joint and the flooring.
The support sheet remains a Tieppo standard, in fact, constant thickness and construction dimensions are maintained, the same thing for rhomboid sharing bars.

Upper part

 From this render it is possible to have an indicative idea of the joint in relation to the dimensions of the forklift wheel.
The total width of the joint increases the dissipation surface of the forces, making the stresses to which the edges and the joint of the flooring are subjected less stressful.
Obviously the cast plates remain independent and are free to move with each other except along the vertical axis where they are constrained to the sharing bars.


Lower support sheet

From this perspective is visible the support of the joint on the support sheet.